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Disclaimer: frame is an EARLY ACCESS game and in active development. The finished version is planned for January 2023. Purchasing this version will grant access to the final release version.

Frames work like every other door frame: you go through them and then you are somewhere else. The only difference is that with frames this "somewhere else" can be anywhere, discontinuities in space included.

If anywhere should be somewhere else frames can be moved.

If something is in the right place, but with the wrong size frames can change the size.

And if something falls in an inconvenient direction frames can change gravity.

And there is much more.

  • A story almost as complex as the game mechanics.
  • All features of frames are implemented in the most general way possible and cooperate with each other. No scripted events, no restrictive special cases.
  • 85 levels. Every single level exploits a different aspect of the mechanics. No filler, no repitition.
  • All mechanics are explained "intuitively" without the need of explicit tutorials.
  • A hint mechanic, so you never get stuck.
  • Frames can have any size and appear in high numbers.
  • The ubiquitous cubes and activation buttons.
  • Open and close frames.
  • Remove and add abbility of objects to go through frames.

All this results in a staggering number of puzzle-possibilities and the carefully crafted levels make sure to use them to the fullest.

Thinking with portals is easy. Now, try thinking with frames.


Buy Now$13.49 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.49 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 0.20

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The pause screen broke! i cannot use it and cannot send feed back, sorry

Sorry for the bug. I sent you an E-Mail with a possible fix. Did that resolve the issue?

Oh i got it working! I just redownloaded the game

Nice game. Instantly fell in love.

Great, I'm glad to hear you liked it.

I understand why you couldn't implement it, but with that knowledge you can improve on this game and figure out its limits! but also you should probably see this for some neat ideas: https://optozorax.github.io/portal/index2.html (careful its kinda leggy) which is a great source! Because it shows a portal going through its output, it could help if you don't know how a certain idea is supposed to work. but I don't want to push you at all on all these ideas, I'm just really into this kind of stuff!

This little game needs a level editor soon! I cant imagine the amount of praise this will get once its finished!

Thanks for the positive feedback.

As cool as a level editor would be, I think right now it would delay the development of the main game too much. Maybe it will happen some day, but I can't promise that, tbh.

Your welcome! And I have some level ideas and unique mechanics that might make the game even more interesting then regular scaling!

Oh wait also what is the soundtrack to the game i love it alot

In the menu under "feedback" there is a link to a feedback-form. All fields are optional and at the end is a text field. Feel free to submit your ideas that way.

As for the soundtrack, credit where credit is due: lo-fi ost